REV Ecodrive From The Ground Up

Desmond Heng, the creator of Rev Ecodrive, identified with the BYD brand and took this upon himself to disseminate the business and concept throughout Singapore. Rev Ecodrive is now a symbol of the Chinese IT market’s adaptability.

Rev Ecodrive was given distributorship of BYD Commercial Buses due to its great potential and performance, as well as the backing of BYD Singapore and BYD China. BYD Electric Cars and BYD Vans received a dealership award soon after.

Company Overview

Born out of a passion for vehicles, Rev Ecodrive is a Singapore headquartered automotive brand distributing and selling electric vehicles in Singapore. 

Driving the Singapore Green Plan 2030, we work with businesses on their electrification journey to transform their fleets. We are an exclusive distributor of the OHM electric truck (Singapore’s 1st 2-ton payload 10ft lorry), and house the full range of BYD electric buses – BYD C6, C8 & C9 and BYD electric van – BYD T3. To help businesses better embark on their EV journey, we have also acquired distributorship of the Autel electric charger to improve the convenience of charging their fleet.

Rev Ecodrive aims to work with like-minded businesses and employ individuals who aspire to be part of this green movement. Contact us if you would like to business partner with us or to work with us.


Distributor for BYD commercial buses & 3-ply masks.
Dealer for BYD commercial vans.

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Evolutionary electric vehicles powered by sustainable green energy


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