…to establish a new & open ecosystem, stronger than that in the phone industry, and that will change our lives.

Wang Chuan Fu, Founder of BYD

REV Ecodrive From The Ground Up

Resonating with the BYD brand, Rev Ecodrive’s founder Desmond Heng took upon himself to spread the brand and philosophy across Singapore. Today, Rev Ecodrive embodies the Chinese tech market’s agility.

With strong potential and performance, and the support of BYD Singapore and BYD China, Rev Ecodrive was awarded distributorship of BYD Commercial Buses. Dealership was also awarded for the BYD Vans shortly after.

BYD (Build Your Dreams) Singapore Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of BYD Company Limited, with its Headquarters at Shenzhen, China. Its main 4 clusters of businesses are Auto, IT, New Energy Products and Monorail. BYD is the largest supplier of rechargeable batteries in the world and has the largest market share of Nickel-cadmium batteries, Li-ion batteries and chargers for mobile phones and keypads worldwide. BYD Auto has become the most innovative Chinese Auto brand leader in the field of electrified transportation with many world class proprietary technologies. In its effort to promote greener transportation solution and reducing pollution from vehicle emission, it sold the most numbers of electric vehicles worldwide in 2015 and 2016. Today, it has the presence across 6 continents, in more than 50 countries and regions, and over 250 cities worldwide.

In Singapore, BYD is the frontrunner in promoting the adoption of electrified vehicles for use in Taxi, Grab car fleets and in public transportation services. Since 2014, a total of 230 E6s have been on the road. In 2018, there are also C6, C8. K9. T9 and other models that have been put into the local market. In addition, as of June 2018, Singapore has built 122 charging station to provide convenient and fast charging services to all electric vehicles. More and more BYD 40kw chargers will soon be put into service soon.

We have also introduced another revolutionary product of iron batteries, electric forklifts. As BYD electric forklift is free from battery maintenance, good performance and ease of use make it a favorite among the Singapore market.

For public transport, BYD has entered into an MOU with Land Transport Authority to use its K9 city bus for a 7 months public trial in Singapore with transport operator “Go Ahead’. We had received overwhelmingly positive feedback from commuters and passengers that K9 is quiet, comfortable, excellent cooling, smoothly accelerate and saving up to 70% on fuel costs.

BYD Electric Vehicle strategy is not limited to taxi and bus, we have an ambitious 7+4 strategy which epitomizes our ambition for the future of “new energy vehicles”. We aim at electrifying all possible means of transportation, such as the “7” major conventional vehicles, comprising bus, coach, taxi, private car, urban logistics truck, sanitation truck and construction truck; and the “4” stands for specific off-road environments: warehouse, mining, airports and ports.

This is only the beginning, BYD will continue to introduce more products and services into Singapore and continue to support Singapore in its effort to move into sustainable transportation.

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